Sandblasting & Painting

From simple guardrails to complex Hydro-electric components and pressure vessels, nothing is too complex for our team. Fabspec is a leader in the application of long-lasting industrial coatings.

20 years of accumulate skill, experience and state of the art equipment, allows our team at Fabspec to apply each coating with an exact precision in accordance with our customer’s specification. Each job comes with a manufacturer’s warranty that serves to reassure the quality and longevity of the product.


    Lead contaminants: Sandblasting of components coated with lead based paints. Many components painted and restored prior to the 1970s, have been contaminated with lead. Fabspec is certified and equipped to remove, recuperate and safely dispose of lead-based contaminants in an environmentally sound manner.

    Degreasing of parts in our high-pressure wash tank 32′ x 20′.

    Preparation of the surface and inspection of its cleanliness is done prior to the application of any coating in accordance to ISO, ASTM or SSPC standards.

    The required coating thickness is applied with precision in order to provide quality, sustainability and competitiveness. Inspected in accordance to ISO, ASTM, and SSPC standards.

    Equipment is calibrated and thorough inspection reports are produced based on NACE standards.

  • Types of Coatings

    • Epoxy
    • Polyurethane
    • Enamel
    • High-temperature paints
    • Zinc based primers
  • Abrasives

    • Steel grit
    • Glass bead
    • Aluminum oxide

    Preparing the surface adequately is critical to ensure that the product adheres properly. We use the above-mentioned materials to obtain the desired quality, based on their respective alloy.



    • Holiday test high voltage DC\AC
    • Holiday test low voltage
    • Dielectric conductivity test (salt contamination)
    • Adhesion test (scratch test)
    • Adhesion test by Pull-off


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