Réparation et modification

For decades, we have been involved in the refurbushiment and modification of many hydroelectric power plant and mining equipments, as well as performing maintenance of  processing equipments.

Réparation et modification


  • Repair work assessments
  • NDE Inspection and Complete Quality Plan
  • Repair or Replacement of Damaged Parts
  • Emergency Repairs
  • Rebuilding and machining to original dimensions
  • Heat Treatment (normalization and Stress Relief)
  • Hydrostatic and/or Pneumatic Testing
  • Trial fit and testing of assemblies


  • Budgetary assessment of repair vs replacement costs
  • All repair services under one roof
  • A team of engineers and project managers specialized in refurbishments
  • Rigorous, transparent project monitoring adapted to your needs
  • Detailed Inspection reports
  • Logistical infrastructure for pickup and delivery via sea, rail or land.

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