Our Mission and Values

Fabspec is committed to on-time delivery of quality welded products that meet client specifications. Excelling at manufacturing custom products and complex projects, our company focuses on ongoing innovation and improvement.

Our four (4) core values are:

01. Pride

Our employees are proud to contribute to the company’s mission of delivering custom metal products fabricated to customers specifications and requirements. This pride shines through in the workmanship of the fabricated parts.

02. Teamwork

Team members are dedicated and committed to mutual support and the sharing of know-how. Team focus provides ordinary people the ability to do extraordinary things.

03. Integrity

Our employees are committed to honesty and transparency in their decision-making and actions and they carefully shoulder their responsibilities in a trusting environment.

04. Adaptability

The open-mindedness of our employees as well as their willingness to modify and improve their work methods, allows our business to take on complex and challenging projects. Structural flexibility also provides the adaptability required to take advantage of this synergy.



The Park in 2021

40 years of existence

The company is celebrating 40 years in business, still maintaining its passion for developing innovative products and procedures in collaboration with its clients.


Fabspec is carving out a place in the heavy structure manufacturing sector.

– Bridge girders for Highway 30 (Beauharnois)
– Tubular towers for Hydro-Québec (Chamouchouane–Bout‑de‑l’Île line)



Acquisition of two new plants in the Sorel-Tracy industrial park as well as a paint sandblasting workshop.

Fabspec is the first company to set up shop in the new industrial park. Fabspec becomes one of North America’s most integrated manufacturers in the industry with a unique production capacity.


25 years of existence

Fabspec celebrates its 25-year anniversary.

Up until now, efforts have focused on how to best stand out while maintaining industrial, mining, petrochemical and energy component manufacturing performance.

Newspaper Article


Newspaper Article

Export Market

Fabspec opens up to the export market.

The floor area is doubled and new equipment is purchased in order to implement the business strategy.


M. Rodier Michaud becomes the sole owner. The plant moves to larger premises on rue du Roi in Sorel, where the current head office is located.

Head Office


First Big Contract


M. Rodier Michaud and associates found the company, primarily with the aim of servicing local industry.